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4 Wedding & Event Trends We Want to See in 2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

I recently attended ENGAGE! (the infamous luxury wedding conference) in December 2022, which was hosted at the Dove Mountain Valley Resort in Tucson, Arizona. I spent the week immersed into the luxury wedding and event market, connecting with wedding and event professionals and expanding my creative landscape. I found inspiration EVERYWHERE - between the desert skies and all the luxury event details from ENGAGE! and also with insight from our clients, we are predicting a few event design trends for 2023.

The wedding & event trends we want to see in 2023...

Trend #1 - Colorful Florals

This year is all about COLOR! We are seeing a unique mix of colors pop up in wedding and event designs, especially when it comes to florals. Be bold and "color your event happy!"

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Trend #2 - Creative Drink Stations & Styled Bars

When everyone has the tendency to mingle around the bar, why not make it a statement piece!??

Get creative with your bars and cocktails... (and don't forget a mocktail option)!

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Personalize your Cocktails

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Style the Bar Tops

  • Add some flavor with colorful fruit and/or florals

  • Bar Shelves always make the look complete

  • For outdoor, day-time bar setups add a stylish umbrella

  • Personalize the bar napkins

  • Incorporate fun drink menus (again, add a pop of color here)

  • Enhance your cocktails with colorful garnishes and bevie accessories

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Photo Credit: Xiaoqi Li

"I drink to make other people more interesting" - Ernest Hemingway

Trend #3 - Utilize a Mix of Linens AND Tables with No Linens

Linens are the easiest way to create dimension and showcase your style in the overall design. Select fun patterns and prints that compliment the space while mixing in a few artistically crafted tables that don't require linens at all. This can enhance the overall aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Photo Credit: Xiaoqi Li

Trend #4 - Unique & Interesting Menu Designs

This is a hit or miss for some couples, but we believe in the Menu Card! It's a nice touch, often reminding your guests what they will be enjoying for the evening and it allows for a moment of creativity on your tables.

Photo Credit: Judith Rae

Photo Credit: Jacqui Cole

Menu Design: TPD Design House


We would love to help you incorporate these trends for your wedding and events this year. We are still accepting inquires for 2023 - let's get creative!

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