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6 Budget Friendly Tips on Decorating Your Christmas (or Holiday) Table

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

1. Festive Linen Napkins

Festive colored or patterend linen napkins will instantly elevate your holiday table! The linen napkin selection at World Market is one of our favorites, especially the fringe-ended ones. They come in a variety of colors and are only $1.99 a piece. *Bonus* take a peek at these adorable red & white snow dot napkins for the kids table.

2. Incorporate a Variety of Ornaments

If you celebrate Christmas and put up a Christmas tree every year, you likely already have a stock pile of ornaments tucked away in your holiday storage bins, so we say spare a few on the tree and incorporate them in your table design. This is one the most cost effective ways to add a little sparkle. I prefer bigger & solid colored ornaments for the table, and if you don't already have a particular color you want - spray paint them!

3. Build a Mini "Tree Farm" Centerpiece

Target's dollar section always has a great selection of random goodies, and this year that included an assortment of mini festive trees. Mix and match these wintery faux trees to build a beautiful "tree farm" tablescape. These flocked and gold & silver sparkled mini trees range anywhere from $3-$7 each.

4. Add Garland

Add a layer of green garland or even the trendy wood-beaded garland for a boho-shabby-chic look! These wood beads on Etsy are perfect! We always recommend a narrow and dainty garland such as this one from World Market especially when layering your table and centerpieces. You can also hang the garland up above on your light fixture or chandelier to add a little character & dimension.

5. Candles (Shocker, we love candles!)

Candles are essential for any tablescape and we encourage you to mix & match candle shapes and sizes. For the holidays, we love these white ball shaped-candles from Crate & Barrel mixed with a few tapers. Taper candles are gorgeous and can be found almost anywhere.

6. Decor Accents

Add a little holiday flair with festive decor accents. You may already have a few items at home or stroll through the dollar section at Target and snag a couple of those assorted gift tags with the festive phrases, only $1 each. Get creative here! We used a mix of the following to spice up our table design:

  • Gift tags / ornaments at each place setting (this could be a fun DIY craft too)

  • Reindeer bowl ramekin filled with mixed nuts

  • Star burst / "Merry & Bright" wood star

  • Faux snow sprinkles


A little inspiration for the littles!

The kids table can be a fun space to create too.

The kids "Merry Christmas" plates and coordinating cups are from World Market, while the animal ornaments and the colorful "Jingle Ball" pom-pom garland are from Target. Add craft paper placemats & coloring materials for a dinner activity!

Our favorite places to shop for holiday/home decor goodies:

  • Home Goods / TJ Maxx

  • Target

  • World Market

  • Crate & Barrel / CB2

  • West Elm

  • H&M Home

Happy Holidays * Merry Christmas * Happy Hanukkah * Happy Kwanza * Happy New Year


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