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How to Style Your Thanksgiving Day Table

When it comes to the holiday season, our dinner tables tend to become a focal point in our homes, as many of us spend time decorating our tables with seasonal accents and setting them with the "good" china you save for these types of occasions. SO let's make our Thanksgiving Day table stand out and style it with intention!

Revel & Roots Events styling & design tips for setting your Thanksgiving Dinner Table!

1. Elevate your table with pops of color & different textures.

2. Add a fabric table runner or a garland runner (whether greenery, leaves, fall foliage, etc.) or BOTH. You can layer a garland over a fabric table runner.

3. Candles - We always encourage candlelight, but remember these tips when adding candles to your tablescape:

  • Always use unscented candles on the table

  • Mix and match sizes such as a combination of tapers & tea lights

  • Select a candle color that compliments the overall design

4. Linen napkins are a cost effective and eco-friendly way of elevating your table, while adding a pop of color. Opt for linen napkins vs. paper napkins.

5. Add decor elements such as signage or pumpkins, and in a variety of sizes & complimentary colors.

6. Create Layers by stacking or adding any of the following items to your place settings:

  • Decorative Plates

  • Linen Napkins

  • Add a decor accent such as pumpkins, gourds or a sprig of fresh herbs

7. Incorporate a variety of Glassware such as bold wine glasses, modern champagne flutes or etched glass water glasses.

8. Extra Personal Touches:

  • Write a personalized note to each guest and place at their seat

  • Create "Thanksgiving Placemats" out of craft or butcher block paper and have each friend or family member write what they are thankful for, then go around the table and share

  • Gift a package of homemade spices/seasonings for each person to take home

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