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Aesthetic Wedding Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

When it comes to wedding & event design, "trends" come and go, however there are a few design trends that we believe will never lose their luster!

1. Pop of Color/Patterned Napkins

Napkins are one of the simplest ways to bring life to your tables, especially if you are planning "on a budget." A pop of color or an eclectic pattern adds dimension and style to any tablescape. Most linen napkins rent on average anywhere from $1-$4 depending on the rental company.

2. Signature Cocktails

Froze, Spicy Marg, Old Fashion? What's your drink of choice? Signature (or Welcome) cocktails completely set the mood and kick off the party from the moment your guests arrive. Fun libations enhance the overall theme and can showcase your personal style. Sipping from unique glassware accented with a colorful garnish says "we thought about all the details!"

3. Custom Signage

Signage is only becoming more stylish and creative. Fonts, color, frames, illustrations, neon lights, the catchy verbiage - all of those details make a wedding sign stand out. Here is a list of a few staple signs to include on the day-of your wedding (or event):

  • Welcome Sign

  • Bar/Signature Cocktail

  • Gift/Guest Book Sign(s)

  • Directions to Bathrooms, Cocktails, Dinner, etc.

  • Water Station

  • Timeline

  • Seating Chart

4. One-Of-A-Kind Escort Card Displays

Feel free to make a statement with your Escort Card Displays & Seating Charts. Tap into your artistic abilities and seek inspiration from your favorite places or spaces to create a unique display that highlights your personality and style.

5. Greenery

A symbolic meaning of life - this lush, natural element is here to stay! Greenery creates a relaxing and authentic vibe and can be incorporated anywhere and everywhere, with or without florals.

6. Taper Candles

Never underestimate the beauty of candlelight - the more the better! Taper candles say romantic, elegant, classic.

7. Mismatched #Bridesmaids Dresses

Let's be real - we all have different shapes, sizes, skin tones and everything in between - every bridesmaid should have the opportunity to highlight their features and feel their best while complimenting the overall "look" of the wedding party. Mix patterns, choose a variety of shades from a color palette or both!

Cheers & Happy Planning!

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