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Wedding Budget: Where To Splurge & Where To Save

The wedding budget. Where do you spend your money? Which categories get more attention and which categories do you cut back? We have compiled a splurge vs. save list that shares where you may want to consider spending and/or saving your wedding dollars.

Where to Splurge:


The music sets the vibe "all night long" (as Lionel Richie tells us)! Music is an extension of your celebration and it tells your guests how to feel as they arrive, mingle, dine, cheers and dance throughout the evening. We say splurge on a good band or DJ, as they control the overall vibe with their set list. Bad music = bad vibes = guests are leaving the party early.


Location, Location, Location! We've all heard this before and we'll say it again, location plays a significant role in any celebration. Find a venue that fits your priorities, compliments your style and can accommodate your guest count (whether big or small). It's OK to spend a little extra here for that ideal space or idyllic view.

Cinematographer / Videographer

Many couples are quick to cut video from their budget - in fact it's typically the first thing couples will say no to when discussing wedding vendors & budget - and we highly disagree! Videographers capture the most raw moments of your wedding day. They document your laughter and your tears, celebrating with your favorite people all while highlighting your love story. And when the party is over, you keep a short film of those epic moments to relive over and over again - priceless.

Wedding Planner

We realize we are wedding planners telling you to "splurge" on a wedding planner, but yes - we are worth it. I was once a bride too and if given the chance to have a re-do, hiring a professional wedding planner would have been on the top of the list. Wedding Planners come equipped with a wealth of knowledge (and a day-of emergency kit) and are a valuable resource to the planning process. They provide their expertise and unbiased opinions, all the while keeping the planning organized and stress-free.


If you are a visionary like us who appreciates design and the creative esthetics you may find yourself upgrading the linens or adding gold accented flatware. A good majority of your wedding design is seen through your tablescape - the tables, chairs, linens, place settings, china, glassware, flatware - all of it together creates a mood. We love to incorporate design details that enhance the couple's personal style and the overall mood. You don't have to spend extravagantly here, a little extra goes a long way and those extras won't go unnoticed.


Flawless face = goals! Amiright? Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day and aside from booking a talented hair & makeup artist, skin care plays an essential role in achieving that wedding day glow! Treating yourself to facials and skin treatments the months leading up to your wedding day will rejuvenate your skin, leaving you with that flawless fresh look.

Where to Save:


With weddings and events becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable many couples are choosing alternative invitation options to send to their guests. We, of course will always appreciate a custom handmade invitation suite, especially from a local designer, but for couples who are on a budget paperless invites or simple postcards are a great solution.

Guest Count

Let's be honest - how many people are you inviting to your wedding because you have to or because you genuinely want to? We say 97% of your budget is controlled by your guest count and that 3% is your personal preference or taste. Perhaps keep your guest count smaller and consider hosting a more intimate wedding - you won't be mad about it.

Wedding Cake

"Cake, Cake, Cake!" Don't get us wrong, we love wedding cake, especially a good 3-tiered vanilla buttercream. However, if you can find a local baker that offers smaller delicious cakes without the extravagant price tag, we suggest inquiring about alternative sweets and treats.

The Date

Non-peak and non-Saturday wedding dates are often overlooked, but have the potential of saving you a couple thousand dollars. The difference in price and the money saved between a Saturday date and a Thursday date could be money back in your pocket or towards that attractive band option you've been holding out for. If you are planning on a budget, avoid holiday weekends if possible, those dates tend to include a surcharge.

Food & Bar

If a venue allows you to BYOB or bring in a caterer of your choice such as a local restaurant or a food truck, we believe it's an option you should take full advantage of, especially when planning on a budget. As long as the cocktails are flowing and people are fed, the good vibes will remain.

Cheers & Happy Planning!

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